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TrueCut 6.5" x 24.5" Patchwork Ruler

TrueCut 6.5

Ref: 10538

In stock

The TrueCut patchwork rulers have a special track that interlocks with the cutter guide on the My Comfort range of rotary cutters. This allows for superior precision and accuracy! As you cut, the track and guide
keep the cutter from slipping away from the ruler’s edge.

• Works with the Cutter Guides to give you straight cuts every time
• Measured in 1/8 inch increments
• Labeled 1/4 and 3/4 inch marks for easy measurements
• Built-in spaces for marking your fabric directly through the ruler
• 30, 40, and 60 degree angle lines

Please note True Cut Rulers are not compatible with Omnigrid Ruler Grips (10302, 10303)

Non UK customers please note that this item is heavy/delicate or requires lots of packing and we can not supply it to overseas customers.

We apologise but ordering is currently suspended whilst we update our software systems. All of our products can be ordered on our main site at www.cottonpatch.co.uk

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